"discovery travel: mysteries at the museum"

| Production Designer | Head of art department for various episodes for one of the heaviest load for the art departments in recreation shows, Mysteries at the Museum. The network show is running on its 21st season and it's the top audience show of Discovery Travel. 

Produced company: Optomen



| Art Director | Second season of the Investigation Discovery channel hit-series, on-going. » iMBD

Production Company: Lion TV


"discovery id: grave mysteries"

| Lead Person | Second season for the network true crime series by the Investigation Discovery channel. » Discovery ID





"1980s: The deadliest decade"

| Prop Master | Network true crime series aired in 2017 by the Discovery ID channel. » Discovery ID

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"Dare2draw studio's chat"

| Production Designer | Produced at the YouTube Space of Chelsea, New York, the concept of the series is to interview several innovators of the comic book world. Production design of two episodes of their first season. Including guests Alex Maleev, creator of Daredevil and Steve Rude, creator of Nexxus.

"The Neighborhood"

| Set Dresser | Coming soon.
Art Director: William Farmer » Press