Music Videos


"ALma feat. french montana - phases"

| Production Designer (US Unit) | Music video with names such as Charli XCX (from Iggy Azalea's 'Fancy') and rapper French Montana. 4M+ Views » YouTube / Press

"liam payne ft. french montana - first time"

| Set Dresser | Music video for former One Direction member Liam Payne, featuring French Montana. Production designed by Amber Unkle. » YouTube / Press

Production Company: 88 Rising

"Aristophanes貍貓: 3001 A Space Disco"

| Set Designer | Aristophanes is an up and coming musician from Taiwan, the song is being produced by known artist Grimes and Will Butler of Arcade Fire. »  YouTube // Media 

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"Devon diep: green dragon"

| Assist Art Director | Music video of the theme song of the feature “Revenge of the Green Dragons”, a film produced by Martin Scorsese. The art team biggest challenge was designing and building a functional prison cell inside a studio. » YouTube

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"Postscript: #PictureDay"

| Production Designer | More information soon.

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Production Company: Robotic Raptor, with Avox Agency