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Production Designer, Director | The short-film that received the Best Production Design by the prestigious American Movie Awards and the Bronze Win for Production Design at the International Independent Film Awards. The focus of the production design of this short narrative was to create environments reflecting characters personalities. Deep psychological study of the script and each character to reflect how they feel about the world around them on the sets, their struggles, what brings them together, what brings them apart. » IMDb

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Prop Master | Funded by the Historic Hudson Valley with a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, this short film will be used to educate students about American history.

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| Art Director | A period short, set in the 1950's, where the daughter of an elite family falls in love with an african american boy and runs away with him leaving her mother and perfect 1950s life behind. » Website

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| Set Designer | A gruesome horror narrative with a family who tries to appear as just another neighbor next door while having a death chamber in their basement. » IMDb

Winner of Best Horror Short at the New York Short Film Festival, Best Cinematography at the NYC Indie Film Awards, selected and nominated in other festivals like the London Independent Film Awards.